Corporate Flights

A mixed fleet of balloons, baskets and a team of pilots allow Windward to cater for all sizes of corporate groups, making them perfect for impressing potential clients or an unforgettable way to say thank you to a group of employees.

Our smaller baskets, which are available for private charter, have the capacity to carry up to 10 passengers. For larger groups we have the option of chartering one of our larger balloons, which have the capacity to carry up to 20 passengers.

If you would like more information please contact the team in our office on (08) 9621 2000 or complete our CONTACT US form online.


Corporate Advertising

Hot air balloon advertising is a unique and effective media platform which cuts through the daily clutter of advertising, providing your company with an exclusive medium to strengthen your corporate brand and promote new or existing products.

A branded balloon is an impressive floating billboard standing ten stories high that will provide your company with an elegant, yet head turning impact, that will get the people of Western Australia talking!

In addition to being used for promotional flights over nominated areas, branded balloons can also be tethered on ropes at events, achieving maximum exposure for your target markets and providing your company with a valuable mobile advertising platform.

Since the early 1980’s Windward has maintained affiliation’s with various Corporate identities, offering hot air balloon advertising using balloons sporting their logos. Amongst our associates past and present include Woodside Off-shore Petroleum, The Sunday Times, The Bank of Western Australia, I.C.I. Australia, Burswood Casino, The Health Dept – “Quit” Campaign, RE/MAX Australia. Logos/Artwork can be applied during manufacture to a balloon made in the corporations colours or alternatively a banner can be made up and affixed to our balloon.

Corporate Advertising
WA Asthma Foundation Balloon flying over Perth City


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