Come Fly With Me

  1. Windward Balloon Adventures offers guests the enchanting experience of a deluxe sunrise balloon flight over the picturesque Avon Valley!
  3. Your adventure begins just before sunrise in the departure lounge of the Windward ballooning hangar at the Northam Airfield. Following check-in and a hot coffee
  4. (or two!), guests are transferred out to the launch site on-board the Windward bus.  At the launch site it’s all hands on deck as the pilot and ground crew unload the
  5. basket and inflate the balloon.

Would You Like to Fly in My Beautiful Balloon?

Once aboard the balloon, your pilot will run through vital in-flight Information including balloon safety and the importance of ballast! We wait a few moments for some final happy snaps and a quick wave to the ground crew before the balloon is released and we drift gently towards the clouds. Once aloft enjoy the spectacle of seeing the first signs of dawn shed light over the Avon Valley, a glorious patchwork of colours.

Drifting over the valley for up to an hour allows you plenty of time to take in the panoramic views of this rural landscape with its rolling hills, lush green fields and meandering streams. Flying low over rivers and streams, you can catch a reflection of the colourful balloon shimmering on the water, or pick leaves from the tops of nearby trees! As you gently float over the fields of the Avon your Pilot will provide an informative commentary on the region and the activities it hosts, as well as the history of ballooning and the science behind flying.

After disembarking its all hands on deck once again as you discover the art of repacking the balloon before being taken to the Rivers Edge Cafe to celebrate your experience in style with a sumptuous breakfast.

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